T-shirts anyone?

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April 5, 2015

T-shirts anyone?


Maybe T-shirts, aprons, souvenirs? How about a free T-shirt on your birthday? or an apron? souvenirs? We are thinking about it, well actually we are pretty much ready for that, our priority is the food, the drinks and the service, but maybe a marketing area wouldn’t be bad, let us know what you think, If you have a great idea and we put it to work you will get a free gift! Yes, we are that nice 😉


  1. Thomas says:

    dear El Faro crew, my name is Thomas and i love this restaurant, but someone who loves it way more than i do and has been eating at your restaurant in summit weekly has a birthday coming up, i had the idea of buying him an El Faro T shirt. i was looking at the crews polo and that is exactly what he would want to wear, he would happily wear that t shirt all of the time. i was wondering if i could purchase one of the t shirts either online or at the store.

    • alexbello says:

      Hello Thomas, unfortunately the El Faro on Summit is not associated with the ones here listed on this website. We are also looking into making T-shirts and pens for customer to buy! Thank you for reaching out to us!

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